WellPhone MAC

WellPhone MAC is an application for Macintosh computers that offers the most suitable answers for using 2.5G or 3G mobile phone or PCMCIA/USB modem to connect your laptop to the Internet.

Fast, simple essential Mac philosophy incorporated into Wellphone.

Easy and simple, WellPhone is a connectivity tool for anybody who needs to access Internet anywhere without a fixed line Internet or Wi-Fi.

Just link your 2.5G or 3G mobile phone or USB modem to your MacBook and get connected to Internet with just one click on the WellPhone User Interface.

You can also link your MacBook to your mobile phone through either a Bluetooth or a USB cable. WellPhone will automatically recognize the connectivity and take care of all technical aspects for you seamlessly.

  • RAM : 3,5 MB
  • Free space on hard disk : 16 MB
  • An USB, PCMCIA or Bluetooth port available
  • Mac OS X 10.5.x (Leopard), Mac OS X.4.x (Tiger), Mac OS X.3.x (Panther), Mac OS X.2.x (Jaguar), Mac OS X.1.x, Mac OS X.0.4

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